Bulletproof Pet Products Presents

Our Indestructibone

“Bad to the Bone"

  Hall of Fame!

This is a page dedicated to the voracious chewers who are so insatiable that they may eat drywall, tree limbs or anything in existence near them. These are the few dogs that have virtually chewed our “Indestructibone™” up! Loving dog owners have purchased these dogs a multitude of dog chew toys that only last days, hours or even minutes. Even though our “Indestructibone” lasted much longer than the other chew toys, they still destructed before their time due to the insatiable chewing appetite these dogs have! We dedicate this page to the owners of such ravenous chewers!

Why do we tell you the truth about these dogs?

This day in age, you see very little truth in advertising. We believe in honesty and you deserve to know that out of the thousands of “Indestructibone™” that we have sold, there have been some that we have replaced. Here are the members of the “Bad to the Bone” Indestructibone™ Hall of Fame.


Our 2nd Place Winner is:

Cassius Clay (he would be named after Muhammad Ali another world champion)

Cassius is a 6 yr old Razor Edge Pitbull that weighs 64lbs.

He destroyed an XL in 33 days....but don't worry...we sent him an XL Plus solid replacement!


Our 1st Place Winner is:

Bronius a 1 1/2 yr old-80lb American Pitbull Terrier. He destroyed an XL Indestructibone in 15 days. His owner accidentally got Bronius the wrong size, so we sent him a bigger one (the XL Plus) now Bronius is a happy dog!



Our 3rd Place Winner is:

Sapphire...she partially destroyed an Indestructibone in 58 days!roof Pet Products 


Our 4th Place Winner is: She chewed through an Original Indestructibone in 88 days. 




To be put in the "Hall of Fame", please purchase the right size Indestructibone for your dog's weight and send pictures of the Indestructibone to us within 90 days of receiving it and it needs to be in need of replacement according to our guidelines. Good luck and thank you for visiting our website!