We all know that nothing lasts forever, however, we know that our Indestructibone™ lasts a long, long time. That is why we stand behind what we make with our 90-day, one-time replacement guarantee. If your dog destroys an Indestructibone™ within 90 days of the date you received it, we will replace it once for free!  


·      Contact us at bulletproofpetproducts@gmail.com and send a picture of your dog and the damaged Indestructibone™ within 90 days of receiving your Indestructibone.

·       Include your name, order number, purchase date, address and phone number in the email. 

·      We may ask that you return the damaged Indestructibone™ back to us. If we do require that it be returned, we will pay the return shipping.

·      We will determine if the Indestructibone™ is in need of replacement.

·      We will send out a new Indestructibone™ to you within 14 days of the receipt of either the pictures or receiving the damaged Indestructibone™.

·      The Indestructibone™ may not have been altered in any way and must have been damaged by your dog, not a hammer, chisel, jackhammer, commercial steam roller, hydrochloric acid or any other artificial means.

·      The customer must have ordered the correct size Indestructibone for the size of their dog.


·      Return Policy

    In order to return an Indestructibone, item must be unused and be in brand new condition.

·     You must contact us by email at bulletproofpetproduct@gmail.com within 30 calendar days of receiving your order. If you contact us within 14 calender days, we will pay for the return shipping. If it has been 15-30 days the customer pays the return shipping.*

·      Please put “Return” in the subject line.*

·      We will ask for a few photos of all of the products this you wish to return in order to authorize the return. 

·      Once the return is authorized we will give you an address to return it to. Please include your name and order number with the return.  

    When we receive the Indestructibone and determine that it is in brand new condition, we will issue a full refund to the credit card or Paypal account that the original payment was made from. If the product is not new the refund may be prorated.