• Bully Billows 2" (5CM) Combat Collar with handle - Indestructibone Gray


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    BullyBillows hand-crafted Combat collars wont be seen anywhere else in the world.


    The buckle has been specially crafted for quick release, while holding up to a staggering 1 ton of weight / 2,200 pounds of pressure.


    The heavy duty buckle holds a similar design to the buckles used in roller coasters so you don’t have to worry about your dog running free. Humans trust their lives with these buckles and we expect nothing less for your dog.


    Triple stitched nylon with a secure 6mm Stainless Steel D Loop and clip which can be seen used for rock climbing. We’ve even added a double stitched handle to cater for bite work and emergency situations whether this is day to day or for training a dog.


    Product Info

    • 3 Layers of durable, triple stitched Nylon material.
    • BullyBillows clip holding up to 1 tonne of sheer pulling power.
    • Quick release clip, whilst maintaining the clip is solid in place throughout.
    • Stainless steel D Loop.
    • Day to day collars or used widely for dog training.