History of the Indestructibone

History of the Indestructibone

One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a durable and safe chew toy. We tried so many. Our dogs were shredding their chew toys faster than we could replace them.  Either they were torn into chunks in a day or less, developed sharp edges or indentations that caused our dog’s gums to bleed or just plain fell apart. 

One day the unthinkable happened. Our dog broke off a piece of a chew toy and it became lodged in his throat. He couldn’t breathe. He was gasping for air. We tried everything, Heimlich maneuver, reaching it to pull it out…. We must have moved it a little because he was breathing a little, but it was still stuck. Grabbing my car keys and my dog, I rushed to the emergency vet at 6 am. They were able to pluck it from his throat. A 2” piece of chew toy had lodged itself into his throat horizontally. 

This led us on a quest to make a chew toy that was safe and could stand up to even the heaviest of chewers. We wanted a chew toy that you could give your dog without worrying about what would happen if you left them alone with it. 

We spent years researching and developing a chew toy that we are very proud of…. The Indestructibone! Our Indestructibones are proudly made in the USA. Each one is handcrafted, not mass produced or injection molded. They are the only kennel safe chew toy on Earth! They are used by and recommended by veterinarians.

Fast Forward

We have sold over 280,000 Indestructibone chew toys since 2014. Since then we have never had a customer report a broken, chipped or fractured tooth or any medical issue from an Indestructibone! This is so exciting! As our goal was to make a chew toy that wouldn’t hurt our dogs or anyone else's dog, Our success equals safe, healthy and happy dogs and owners all over the world.

Important Information

Indestructibones are hard, but softer than real bone and antler. They are BPA and phthalate free. They do not contain anything abrasive. The texture that you feel on an Indestructibone is a finish that we brush on and slowly disappears as it gets chewed on. 

They may flake off in tiny pieces with heavy chewing. Those pieces are safe and not toxic and will pass. (we have had zero reports of any obstructions)

It will not splinter or break off in large chunks. (we have had zero reports of perforations).

You will see that the Indestructibone has a treat hole on each end. You can put peanut butter, coconut oil, stick shaped treats or anything your dog likes in the holes or rub a training treat or soft treat directly on the Indestructibone. Try it without treats first and if your dog doesn’t take to it, then add treats. Sometimes it may take some dogs a little bit to get used to something so different.


We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you or your dog aren't happy, we will arrange for a return and refund. We even offer advise on how to use it!

We have a 90 day - once time replacement guarantee. If their dog chews an Indestructibone down to replacement length in 90 days or less, we will replace it for free. All you need to do is send us a photo of the Indestructibone next to a tape measure or ruler. We will send out a replacement in 1-2 weeks.  

Size/Name                        Original Size                  Size needed to be for replacement

Mini/Original, XL                 6 inches                     4 inches

Smooshy Face, XL Plus     8 inches                     5 inches

Mega Max, Super Max       12 inches                   7 inches

In Closing

Whenever a customer comes to us and says do you have a chew toy that will last? Do you have a tough chew toy? My dog chews through every toy. Can you help? Yes, we can help! The Indestructibone is the solution!!!


Chief Bone Inspector    

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