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Introducing our American Bully Fire Hose Tug. This is one tough tug. Each tug is made to order, made to last and MADE IN THE USA. These are extremely heavy duty!

Our tugs ARE NOT made out of upcycled or used firehose that may have been used in fires and may be contaminated with all kinds of chemicals. We use brand new double walled fire hose, which is tougher, safer and cleaner! 

Each tug is 14" long with the body of the tug being 12" long. They are very durable. Your Land Shark will love it!  They are sewn with a BOX X stitch which is more sturdy than your average tug. These tugs are made for tug, toss and fetch, and are not a chew toy. Supervision is required.

You even have the option to add your dog's name (or any words of your choice up to 15 characters (counting spaces).  If you choose to add a name on the tug, please remember to put it in the customer notes.

Please allow up to two weeks for the tug to be made.

If you choose to add a name, please put the name in the notes. There is a 15 character limit for a name.  The letters will be approximately 1 inch high.  If it is over 15 characters the print will be slightly smaller.