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Bug off Butter - By The Blissful Dog - .50 Oz Tube

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The Blissful Dog Bug Off Butter says GoodBye Bugs...More Naturally!

Bye Bye Biting Bugs

Warmer weather brings fun at the lake, picnics at the park, longer walks with your best buddy and one unwanted event - bug time. The sight, or sound, of that first mosquito or fly marks the start of the War Against Bugs.

The dilemma is the chemical stuff that is deadly to bugs is, well, chemical stuff that is deadly. Bug Off is our kinder, gentler approach to getting rid of pesky insects, or at least holding them at bay for a bit. Kinder and Gentler for your dog and us, but not BUGS!

We are not going to swear after one use of Bug Off products you will not ever see any insect near your dog ever again, but we will swear Bug Off is an effective alternative to the harsh, chemical laden products you may have seen. 

Bug Off Butter | Extra Ammo In Your Bug Battle

Bug Off Butter is your dog's natural alternative to repel nasty biting bugs in a long-lasting balm formulation.

Bug Off Butter Usage Dab On, Distract & Done. Reapply as needed. Safe to use on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age. There are no active ingredients, just all natural herbal bug repelling oils in a carrier base of our butter blend.