Bully Billows 1.5" (4CM) Combat Collar with handle - Red (Padded) - Bulletproof Pet Products Inc

Bully Billows 1.5" (4CM) Combat Collar with handle - Red (Padded)

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The BullyBillows Combat Collar is equipped with triple-stitched Nylon, a secure 6mm Stainless Steel D Loop and a specially crafted bespoke clip for quick release and lock.

Lined with comfortable Neoprene inside the collar for ultimate comfort.

For total control and peace of mind, we've included a double-stitched handle perfect in emergency situations.

Suitable for daily use on any breed and used for professional dog handling, police, military and security.

Combat Clip

Extreme pressure tested for maximum strength.


Maximum control in emergency situations.

All Breeds

This product is suitable for any breed.

Ultimate Strength

Strong dog? No problem!

Stainless Steel

Zero rusting. Lifetime guarantee.