Bully Billows - Premium Dog Harness - Turquoise

Bully Billows - Premium Dog Harness - Turquoise

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Are you looking for a harness that is not only exceptionally comfortable and soft, does not restrict natural body movement like other brands, and is designed for all breeds in mind? You are looking at the perfect product for your furry friend.

Our adjustable harness is designed with your dog in mind with user-friendly adjustable straps to create a perfect fit, whether your dog is still growing or puts weight on during the years. This harnesses soft and breathable padding will hug your dogs waist, providing a snug fit around the whole body. Our design will offer comfort and security for your dog, eliminating any and all rubbing burns. Great on sensitive fur/skin.


Neoprene for ultimate comfort.

All Breeds

This product is suitable for any breed.

Ultimate Strength

Strong dog? No problem!

Sensitive skin?

Kind to your dogs skin/fur. Lined with Neoprene & Foam.

Healthy Movement

Unlike other harnesses, this does not restrict natural movement.